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The GetMusic Initiative


The disconnect between musicians having a livelihood and general audiences willing to purchase or invest in music comes from one singular element. We believe that it is the lack of access to information related to being able to appreciate music for its intricacies. We believe these intricacies lie in the creative processes of history, composition, production, distribution and technology. Join us in our attempt to bridge these gaps and understand music holistically, as a way of life rather than just an avenue of entertainment.

We aim to do this by closing the gaps in how music is accessed. Musicians go through a journey of learning to  play instruments and perform their choice of music. In time, they gain the ability to write works of their own, subtly imbibing the characteristic values of the artists that inspire them. Having performed and thereafter created their own work, they gain a holistic appreciation for the art that is music. For those who have had the fortune of tasting music, this journey is a cycle that repeats and reinforces itself in a never-ending spiral.


From this point of view, we believe that the appreciation for music deepens greatly, through its practice and exercise. However, music is far and wide, and everyone can’t be everything. The biggest challenge is often just the access to good foundations in music, and some knowledge of it’s dimensions.

We aim to bridge those gaps by bringing together a world of people involved with music from countless facets of life and learn from the advice and insights they have to offer. The audience only remains to be captivated by the vastness of music, and perhaps be inspired to kindle their own unique contributions to the world of music.

After all,
All the world, is a stave.

Who we are

Divina Bajpai

Director/CEO, Founder
Composer, Songwriter, Western Classical Pianist, Educator, Curriculum Designer & HR Professional

Sanky Chaturvedi

Educator and Head of Theme Music Institutes India

Ritu Gopal

Violinist & Educator (DipABRSM, M.Phil.)

Aditya TB

Tech Intern
Audio Engineer, Composer, Music Technologist